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Leysbrook Buyers Service

In the UK a Buyer is expected to negotiate one of the biggest and most emotional purchases without the help of an experienced negotiator / buying agent.  On average a homeowner moves every 10-15 years and this is not something they are trained to do or consequently do regularly.  With this in mind how can a buyer be expected to achieve the best outcome for themselves when they are working against an Estate Agent who has a duty to negotiate on a vendors’ behalf to achieve the best price possible.

Leysbrook bring balance to our clients’ house buying negotiations by providing an onward purchase negotiation service free of charge.

For buyers who are not our clients’ (provided they are not purchasing from one of our vendors) we offer the same buyer representation service.  If we negotiate a saving, we charge you a fee.

Leysbrook Quick Check Service

Leysbrook Quick Check Service

Do you want to know if the property you are considering buying is a good purchase?

Send Leysbrook an email with a link to the property you are considering and we will provide you with a written report within 48hours detailing the following:

  • Market trends
  • Current asking prices
  • Average asking price
  • Property sold prices within a ½ mile radius
  • Crime statistics
  • Natural threats (e.g. flooding)
  • Broadband deals available
  • Mobile phone signal strength indication
  • Local educational institutes with OFSTED ratings
  • Assess relative value and confirm whether it is a good/bad purchase option

We offer all of this plus a follow up call to advise how and when best to negotiate for an upfront fee of just £100 + VAT.

Leysbrook In-depth Buyers Service

Leysbrook In-depth Buyers Service

We will provide you a full in-depth buying service helping you to source your next home / investment.


  • Source off-market properties – available but not advertised on websites
  • Advise on different areas
  • Research specific streets – looking at crime statistics / flooding risks / over-flight paths / motorways / planning applications
  • Assess relative value of a property
  • Research the motivations of the sellers – looking for pressure points
  • Negotiate with the seller and the agent
  • Introduce best mortgage brokers, solicitors, valuers, surveyors, architects, builders and contractors.


Our fee for this service is 25% of any reduction in asking price achieved or £995 + VAT whichever is higher.  This fee is payable at the point of legal completion of your purchase.