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Sitting in the north of Hertfordshire you can find the bustling and popular town of Letchworth. Situated just a short 38 miles outside of London, Letchworth is an ideal location to live for many workers who want an easy commute into the city, but don’t want the hefty housing price tag that comes with living in London. But not only that, Letchworth house prices are also ideal for you!

A rail journey from Letchworth Station to Kings Cross takes a mere 23 minutes, but apart from having a very good rail link to London, Letchworth has many more attractions to offer anyone thinking of moving here:

1: Fantastic local history

 Historically, Letchworth has deep roots and has been on the map since the Domesday Book was written. However, the area is best known as being the very first garden city in the world. When a new building plan was delivered in 1903, it centred around building a town that was built with swathes of greenery and countryside borders in mind.

2: Great schools

Letchworth is a great place to raise a family and is home to several good Ofsted-rated schools such as The Highfield comprehensive, and also the top-rated St Christopher boarding school. 

3: Unique houses 

Being a planned town development, once the main road infrastructure was being rolled out, the town planners and developers turned towards the very unique house plans they had put in place.

The housing plans focused on the idea of building affordable cottages where residents could enjoy the fresh air and greenery of their surroundings. This was a drastic move away from the Victorian method of building brick terraces with little to no greenery. The ‘new urban design’ for the Garden City was the creation of Ebenezer Howard, a social reformer from the turn of the last century, who produced his original plan for the development in 1898.

4: The first roundabout in the UK

Affectionately known as Sollershott Circus to local residents, the new road system included a roundabout that is notable for being the very first one in the country. It even has another claim to fame as being heavily featured in the 2013 film The World’s End, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

5: Attractive town centre

The plans for the town were meant to be all-inclusive and to attract plenty of local tradespeople and craftsmen to do business in the town. The town is a thriving and bustling place that still attracts new business owners to set up shop here.

Today the town centre is an eclectic and diverse mix of artisan producers, craft-folk, and independent shops that are ideal for those who want to discover more interesting treasures than can be found on a commercial high street full of national chain-stores.

The town centre is also home to many regular fairs, especially at Christmas where you can find a range of festive stalls, Christmas lights and entertainments throughout December each year. With lots of parking spaces available in the town centre, shopping is made easy.

6: Community spirit

Letchworth Garden City was designed with the community in mind. The idea was to create a town that would foster a great community spirit amongst the residents. The roads and homes were designed so that local people could enjoy the best of both town and country life, with plenty of fresh air, local pubs and eating houses so people could socialise.

Today the community spirit is still very strong and the town has lots of local pubs and restaurants for a good night out, as well as a fully refurbished Art Deco building that houses a four-screen cinema. 

There is also The Letchworth Eagles Football Club with over 450 registered players , a leisure centre with an indoor pool, a tennis club, as well as the town’s very own Golf Club that was established in 1911, just two years after the town’s original houses were finished.

The town also love to keep their old traditions alive, and you can join in with the local Morris Men who meet up throughout the year to work on new dances and perform at local events.

What more could you need for a perfect place to live? If you would like to find out about our local property opportunities, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team. We are here to help!

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